They Just Keep ‘Counting On’ — See the Entire Duggar Family, Then vs. Now!

It can be hard to keep track of the Duggars — after all, there are so many of them! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar famously have 19 kids, and many of their adult children have gotten married and had kids of their own in recent years. Clearly, this family is going to just keep counting on … get it?

Michelle and Jim Bob tied the knot in 1984 and are still going strong to this day, even after raising a huge family. Although some fans have judged the couple for having so many children over the years, they are not focused on naysayers.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. But, some may get very offended by the whole idea of having a large family. There’s just different concepts and views on how life really is,” the matriarch previously said in an interview with

“We’re not about to judge anybody and tell them what they ought to do,” she replied to critics. “That same kindness can be extended both directions.”

So, how do they keep the spark alive with such a sizable brood? “One thing that we try to do is each week is to have a date night, where Michelle and I go out together,” Jim Bob shared. The TLC alum said it’s very important to make time for each other while also trying fun new activities every so often.

“We go for a walk in the park or just spend time talking, planning, talking about things that are coming up, talking about challenges and what we should do with certain situations, bouncing ideas off each other, and listening to each other,” he shared. Of course, they can involve the kids too!

On the bright side, fans are easily able to keep up with some of the older Duggar children thanks to social media, but there are still many of the “little kids” who followers of the Counting On family don’t get to see as many updates about unless the show is airing. Curious to know what’s going on with all of them?

Scroll through the gallery to see what all the kids — plus mom and dad — look like today and what they’re up to now.

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