If you’ve peeked inside the Duggar family‘s main home, you know it’s huge — and generally pretty clean. But take a look inside the houses of new parents Jessa and Jill Duggar and it’s often a down-right mess. And things aren’t much better at Josh and Anna Duggar‘s house, either. In fact, we’re kind of noticing a trend — the Duggar kids raising kids of their own can be pretty messy. But we get it, raising small children can be hectic, and no one’s house needs to be spotless all the time. That’s basically imposible! But you’d think the Duggar daughters at least would have plenty of experience taking care of a house after all the chores they did at mama Michelle‘s, right? Then again, there was usually a dozen of them to split the work — and most of the Duggar grandkids are too young to be of any real help. (Though that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from “training” them early.)

Train them young! These little ones love to “help” 😉

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Plus, you want to make sure everything is in pristine condition for your mom and well, we all tend to be a bit more lax at our own homes. Still, when we see the state of their houses on social media, we can’t help but be a little alarmed. It might seem like it’s just messy, but sometimes it could actually be dangerous. All those laundry piles everywhere are a fire hazard — and toys constantly scattered around the room put everyone at risk of tripping, especially the little ones. All it takes is a couple extra minutes every day to clean up as you go to avoid any dangerous situations. But based on the pictures below, the Duggar kids are just messy — and they don’t seem to mind one bit.