At this point, we’re getting pretty used to seeing the Duggars trying to subtly (and not-so-subtly) advertise products on their Instagram feeds. Recently, Jill Duggar even made the switch from calling out companies she likes to full-blown influencer status, sharing discount codes with her fans as she models cute, Christian shirts in photos that her son, Israel, took. Now, it seems that the former reality star’s little sister has followed in her footsteps. Jinger Duggar‘s latest instagram post has fans thinking she’s trying to live that influencer life, too — but they’re just not exactly sure if what they’re looking at is an ad or not.

Given the family’s complete refusal to use the hashtag #ad in any of their seemingly sponsored posts, it’s hard to tell exactly what they get for free, what they’re being paid to promote, and what they just love enough to tell their fans about. So when Jinger’s followers saw her raving about a coffee place in Dallas, they were more than a little confused. “@herbshousecoffee Great vibes, great coffee!” she captioned her pic. “The place to go for good coffee in Dallas ☕️… #dallastexascoffee #herbshousecoffee #pickmeup #bestspotintown☕️ #txcoffeeshop #honeylatte”

“Wow, is this a commercial?” one fan asked in the comments. “Looks like a paid ad,” wrote another. A third joked that there was no way that it was an ad for Herbs — because, actually, it was “an ad for YETI,” the maker of the (Herbs branded) coffee cup that Jinger is holding. “This looks like it would be sponsored by YETI,” another fan agreed. But the basic agreement was pretty much the same: “This is a coffee commercial.”

Yet, somehow, fans didn’t seem to mind. Though Jill has already taken heat for her sponsored posts, most fans in her sister’s comments didn’t care, instead suggesting new places that Jinger could try and reminding themselves to check out this place the next time they were in Dallas. And if they weren’t commenting on the coffee, they were talking about Felicity and showering her in compliments instead. But hey, she is pretty cute — we’d probably get distracted by her, too.

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