They’re loving married life! It’s been nearly one month since Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson tied the knot, but the couple is still very much in the honeymoon phase. Josiah and Lauren opened up about what things are like for them now that they are offiicially husband and wife.

“Time has flown by,” the couple told Us Weekly, and they added that they are “loving every minute” of their new life together.

Josiah also added, “We now understand why God considers marriage such a beautiful thing.”

Lauren, 19, and Josiah, 21, have had a bit of a whirlwind romance — which isn’t exaclty rare in the Duggar family. After being friends for years, they started courting in January 2018 and just two months later, they were engaged. Then, just five months after they announced their courtship, the couple tied the knot at the John Brown University Cathedral Of The Ozarks in Siloam Springs, AR, on June 30.

The wedding ceremony was officiated by Lauren’s father Dwain Swanson, and since both Lauren and Josiah come from very conservative, religious families, they both were saving their first kiss until marriage — and Josiah was not shy about planting his lips on his new wife in front of his father-in-law.

“It definitely has been a struggle for both of us. Just waiting… it’s like two magnets,” Josiah said in a clip of their two-part wedding special on TLC GO.

But now that the wedding is over, Josiah and Lauren’s journey together has just begun, and they are both looking foward to starting their lives together as husband and wife.

“It’s been especially fun to simply work on setting up our house together and just settle into life,” the couple told Us Weekly. “We’re enjoying dreaming and thinking of the future together.”  

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