Back in 2015, Jinger Duggar wasn't the only rebel Duggar offspring. Younger brother Josiah Duggar made headlines when he and Marjorie Jackson unceremoniously broke off their courtship — which remains the only Duggar courtship to date that hasn't ended with a marriage, by the way — and at the time, it seemed like a major no-no for the fundamentalist family. While Josiah gave a pretty vague reasoning for why the two broke up, fans are still speculating years later that there was more to their eventual demise.

"Marjorie and I had a good time together. We were just trying to follow God's lead on everything," Josiah revealed in an official statement back in 2015. "She didn't feel that it was the right timing then, so we called it quits for a bit." But fans on reddit now think Marjorie was in the relationship for all the wrong reasons, including fame and fortune.

"It's a widely spread belief that Marjorie was more into the fame than she was into Josiah (a la Jeremy), but what if it wasn't the fame she was after? What if she wanted a slice of that sweet, sweet TLC pie, but split as soon as she found out that Josiah would likely never see a cent of it?" one redditor asked on the site.

"'Would you like to enter a courtship?' 'Yes, I'd be happy to.' [side hug] 'Just letting you know I don't get any money from the show, Dad takes it all.' 'Oh, then I guess I can't court if you're broke, it's over,'" one fan hilariously responded.

Others, on the other hand, think fame, as well as money, was the main reason she wanted to enter the relationship. "Yup. You nailed it. I felt the same. She wanted fame and was using Josiah to get it. She was all in until the Josh scandal hit. They lost [19 Kids and Counting] when they began courting. Showed her true colors and its obvious she was a user," one redditor commented. "Hey Marjorie, God is a good score keeper! I didn't like her, user! Funniest thing yet? She didn't know there would be another show featuring the older Duggars. She probably hates herself now. She puts on a good show she is happy. But, deep down she cringed."

Despite the theories, it seemed as though Josiah and Marjorie parted ways amicably, and the two have since moved on from their relationship, which lasted four months. Back in early March, the Duggar family announced that the 21-year-old and Lauren Swanson were engaged after only one month of courting. "We are so excited to announce that Josiah and Lauren are officially engaged!!" the official statement read. "We have prayed for many years that the Lord would bring the right spouses to each of our children. We have known Lauren and her family for a very long time and have seen how she has grown in her knowledge and understanding of the Lord."

Meanwhile, Majorie looks like she's living her best life. She's currently studying graphic design at John Brown University, something she probably wouldn't have been allowed to do if she had married into the Duggar family. She's even written and illustrated two books!

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