The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein Are Proud Parents: See Son William and Daughter Zoey Now

Time flies! Jen Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein, welcomed fans into their homes while filming The Little Couple and introduced us to their loving children, son William and daughter Zoey.

Viewers are taken aback by how much the kids have changed since their 2013 adoption and reality TV debut, especially after seeing the new portraits shared by their proud mom.

The neonatologist, who turned 47 on March 10, gushed over the incredible memories they have made while celebrating a special occasion in February. “Happy Chinese New Year to all!” she captioned her latest Instagram portraits including Will and Bill, 46. “Can’t believe we were blessed 8 years ago with the most incredible golden son! #lunarnewyear #chinesenewyear @reallybillklein #happynewyear.”

It seems they were always destined to be a family because the TLC stars got the opportunity to meet Zoey shortly after William came into their lives. 

“When Jennifer and I first got together, my selfish attitude was I wanted a kid that was genetically mine,” Bill said in an October 2018 episode, revealing he had a change of heart after they struggled with fertility issues. “And then we talked about how many kids were out there that didn’t have a home, that needed love and support from a family and were relegated to a life of institutionalization. I think that I couldn’t have done any better a job through surrogacy, through the old-fashioned way or anything else.”

The pair adopted Will from an orphanage in China. Soon after, they got news from an orphanage in India that Zoey was ready to find her forever home.

“When I saw Will’s picture, I fell in love immediately,” the businessman added, noting he felt the exact same emotions when he saw the first glimpse of his future daughter. “When I saw Zoey’s picture, I fell in love immediately,” he shared.

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Around that time, the lovebirds relocated from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida, and moved into a new abode. “Thankfully, our kids are very easygoing and very happy, and they just seem to get enthusiastic about everything that’s new,” Jen said on the show. “So, I’m glad that they like the house.” 

The future is looking bright for the Klein family!

Scroll through the gallery below to see pictures of Will and Zoey today.

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