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It’s Kind of Amazing How Much Jordyn-Grace Duggar Hates Her Mother Michelle

Every time I have to rewatch Jordyn-Grace Duggar‘s birthday videos, two thoughts go through my head. First, I’m super stoked that they even remembered Jordyn’s birthday, because that isn’t a guarantee. And second, I’m amused by how much Jordyn hates her mom Michelle. And I mean, obviously she hates Michelle. You would hate Michelle if you were her unlucky number 18.

But as is the case with Jana hating Jessa, this isn’t evident because the kid is slamming doors and throwing temper tantrums. It shows on her face: more than the other little girls, Jordyn has sad eyes that betray years of neglect and even taunting on behalf of her biological mother. Yeah, we didn’t forget when Jordyn got her head stuck and Michelle laughed, that monster. And while she had sister-mom Jessa as a substitute for some of her young life, Jordyn can’t escape from the shadow of “Miracle Baby” Josie. She still can’t escape from the loads of laundry that’s been left to her jurisdiction before she could tie her shoes. And she can’t escape the roadkill-haired woman with the helium voice who, once a year, pretends to care she exists for the cameras. What’s her name again?

Look, we interpret those flat expressions as proof that Jordyn can’t stand her mother without any other proof. But if you’re curious to see how things got to be this way, scroll down to learn more about Jordyn.

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