Time flies! Jessa Duggar posted a lovely photo of several of her sisters to Instagram, and said she “can’t believe” how much they’ve grown…Johannah in particular! And she’s got a point. Remember when the youngest Duggar kids were literally born with cameras present for 19 Kids and Counting back in the day?

Jessa made the post to promote the new Happy Heart album several of the younger Duggar girls participated in, but she made sure the social media update got a little personal, too. She wrote, “Can’t believe how grown up these girls are looking—especially Johannah!” And one glance at the photo below shows just how correct she is.

Jessa continued, “In other news, if you are looking for a way to share joy with those around you, you should consider getting my little sisters’ album for your family or friends this year! 😊💞 They’re having a special holiday sale! Click the link in my bio to take a listen to their songs‼️” So if you have a really obsessed Duggar fan in your family, add this one to the Christmas shopping list.

The photo actually featured Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie, the youngest of the main Duggar children Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar share. Mackynzie Duggar — one of Josh and Anna Duggar‘s kids — is also included in the group, even though she’s not one of Jessa’s little sisters. It kind of seems like the Duggar family includes her in a lot of outings and activities with the youngest Duggar girls — who are technically her aunts — likely because they’re all so close in age.

The littlest Duggars recently recorded the album, and some of the process of recording Happy Heart was featured on Counting On. Plus, members of the Duggar family have been praising the album for a while now, so it’s about time the real thing is finished and ready for Duggar super-fans to pick up a copy.

The youngest Duggar kids really do look very grown up in the photo Jessa posted, but Johannah in particular is really starting to look like the teenager she is now. Who knows? Maybe this album will launch her singing career, which will give her all the confidence to turn into a spunky, independent teen girl who defies all the Duggar rules. We can dream, right?

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