90 Day Fiancé star Ed “Big Ed” Brown introduced fans to his new love interest, Liz, on season 1 of the discovery+ spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life. After inviting Liz to be his date to a wedding, the couple took their relationship to the next level and became boyfriend and girlfriend — but are they still together after the show? Keep scrolling below to get an update!

How Did Big Ed and Liz Meet?

Ed, 55, met Liz, 28, at his favorite local restaurant in San Diego, where she works as a manager. Liz is a single mom and has a young daughter, and she initially hit it off with Ed as friends. After consulting with a dating coach, Ed plucked up the courage to ask Liz out on a date.

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Big Ed and Liz Took Their Relationship to the Next Level

After about three dates, Ed asked Liz if she would be his date to a wedding and she said yes. They originally planned to sleep in the same hotel room but in separate beds. Due to an issue at the hotel, their double bed reservation had to be changed to a single, which meant they would have to sleep in the same bed.

Liz was wary at first but eventually agreed. The next morning, Ed gushed about taking the next step in his relationship with Liz.

“Last night was off the charts. We started snuggling. And we started to kiss. And she is so beautiful and soft and caring. She’s a giver,” Ed told the producers.

When he was asked if he and Liz had sex the night before, he responded, “OK so, we made love all night. We did it about twice. Liz’s body is amazing. It’s like a surreal dream. It’s just like, it was incredible. Like, incredible. I’ve never had anyone take over and make love to me in my life. It will go down in Big Ed history as, yeah, as the event. I’m just hoping that every time it’s gonna be like that.”

“It was really good. It was a good night,” Liz said in her confessional. “I had to teach him how to kiss so I feel like I have to train him to do a lot of things but we laughed about it.”

Big Ed and Liz Become Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The morning after their first intimate encounter, Ed asked the big question.

“So, I might as well talk about this now. I think we’re going to look like a couple. I would like to introduce you as my girlfriend at the wedding. And so, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked.

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“I’ll be your girlfriend — just at the wedding,” she said with a laugh. “I’m just kidding, I’ll be your girlfriend,” she added and they kissed.

Does Big Ed’s Daughter, Tiffany, Approve of Liz?

As fans watched on season 4 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Ed’s daughter, Tiffany Brown, was very against his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Rosemarie “Rose” Vega. Tiffany, 29, did not approve of the former couple’s 31-year age gap, especially since Rose was four years younger than her.

Shortly after Liz agreed to be Ed’s girlfriend, he insisted that they make plans for her to meet Tiffany so that they could get to know each other before Tiffany gives Liz her seal of approval. Ed wanted to travel to Las Vegas to introduce his daughter to his new girlfriend in about two weeks, but Liz felt it was too soon. Since Liz is one year younger than Tiffany, she was worried that Tiffany would not approve.

“I just wasn’t prepared for the daughter comment. Like I don’t need bad vibes if that comes out, not saying there’s bad vibes. Just, I know we’re close in age and everything like that,” Liz told the cameras. “It’s just nerve-wracking and I’m just anxious because I don’t think that should have been brought up just yet.”

After they attended the wedding, Ed opened up about his concerns for the future of his relationship with Liz if Tiffany is not on board. “Liz lights up my world and I’m realizing that she’s who I want to be with forever,” he said. “But if Liz and I are going to work out, she needs to get along with my daughter. So I hope Liz agrees to meet her or it’s possible it’s not going to work.”

Are Big Ed and Liz Still Together?

While Big Ed has not shared photos of Liz on his social media, she posted a message alluding to a split on Monday, May 3, after some recent reality TV drama. “Even though our paths have led us our separate ways, you’ll always be a great memory!” the 90 Day Fiancé franchise newcomer wrote. “Enjoy the rest of the season!!!”

On the May 2 episode of The Single Life, the duo fought after Liz overheard Ed’s daughter Tiffany’s friend say a comment about Liz finding “someone her own age” during a night out together. Although Liz said she wanted to “work on this relationship” and not walk away from their connection, it seems their love story may have come to an end.

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