Are they still together? 90 Day Fiancé star Ed “Big Ed” Brown documented his rebound into the dating scene on season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life after his nasty split from ex-girlfriend Elizabeth “Liz” Woods on season 1. After being unlucky in love, Ed’s friend Laura set him up on a date with her childhood friend, Kaory, and he traveled to her native country of Mexico to meet her in person. But after just a few days together, things took a turn in their relationship.

“I don’t know if Kaory is ready to be in a committed relationship,” he admitted on the January 7 episode of the discovery+ spinoff. He then asked their mutual friend, Laura, for advice. During their video chat, Laura said Kaory told her she “really feels a connection” with Ed. Laura told Ed to “take the chance,” and Ed was excited to take the next step in their relationship.

During a lunch date later that day, Ed asked Kaory how she felt toward him after spending the last couple of days together. “I feel love,” she said. “But you know when you and me talk about our relationship, I feel [that you have] high expectations. People ask a lot and don’t allow things to be.”

Ed replied and told her that he feels a “connection” and told her he “liked” her, but Kaory started to get frustrated. “Can’t you just be quiet and let things happen?” she asked. He started to explain his feelings to her and she interrupted, “Wait a little bit. I need a little bit of silence.”

“Can I say something?” Ed asked and Kaory cut him off. “No,” she said. “Can’t you just be quiet?”

Despite the tense conversation, they agreed to take a trip to a nearby beach town together afterward. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company again, until Ed brought up his hope to get married again during a romantic dinner.

“You are very insistent,” she told him. “Maybe you don’t understand me. So I’d better just listen and shut up for the rest of the night.” After they finished their meal, Kaory got up and left Ed sitting alone at their table.

On the January 14 episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Ed revealed that he hadn’t heard from Kaory the following day. He planned a romantic sunset boat ride and invited her to join him, but she stood him up.

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“Kaory, she didn’t respond to my text messages. She ghosted me,” he admitted.

In a teaser for the January 21 episode, Ed confirmed, “I didn’t find love with Kaory,” while also teasing a relationship with a new woman. Fans will have to wait to see who Ed ends up with! For spoilers, click here.

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