Security had to get involved when Jovi Dufren and Ed “Big Ed” Brown got into a heated altercation during the Monday, October 13, episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort.

The drama began when Ed, 58, outed Jovi, 33, in front of his wife, Yara Zaya, for reconnecting with a stripper via test messages during their boys’ night at a strip club. Jovi previously admitted he took the stripper to Jamaica and “smashed her” before he met his wife. ​Yara, 28, wasn’t happy to learn they were in touch and threw a drink in his face.

While Ed admitted during a confessional that he felt guilty for dropping the bombshell, he defended himself to Jovi and said the Louisiana native tried to get him to lie to Liz Woods about their trip to the strip club in the first place.

“Your whole point was to try to take me down,” Ed told Jovi. “I saw through your plan.” Ed added that Jovi told everyone he misbehaved at the strip club, so argued that he “had it coming.”

The situation then escalated when Yara demanded to see Jovi’s text messages, though he refused.

“I’m not denying that I deserved that [Yara throwing a drink in ​my face], but enough is enough,” Jovi said.

Jovi explained to the cameras that he wasn’t trying to hook up with the stripper. However, he acknowledged that they have been intimate in the past. The TLC star then called out Ed for stirring the pot and called his comments “unnecessary.”

“Why don’t you tell your daughter where you were?” Ed fired back, referencing Jovi’s daughter, Mylah, with Yara.

Jovi hit his breaking point when Mylah, 3, was brought up and told Ed he would “punch him in the f–king face” if he mentioned her again. He then lunged at Ed, though was stopped when security stepped in to hold the father of one back.

While Ed encouraged Jovi to keep fighting, Yara told the California native that he took it too far. Liz, 31, also got involved when she jumped in the middle of Ed and Jovi and told her then-fiancé to stop talking.

Following the tense conversation, fans watched Ed and Liz argue about her involvement in the fight. Ed explained she didn’t have to put herself in “danger to protect” him. “I appreciate you standing in for your man, but it made me look weak. It made me look like I can’t defend myself,” he said.

Security Gets Involved in Jovi Dufren and Ed ‘Big Ed’ Brown's '90 Day: The Last Resort' Altercation

“I’m making you look weak? Are you kidding me?” Liz said through tears. “You don’t want me to be there and have your back and protect you. At least I had your back and didn’t have a problem trying to jump in to protect you.”

After Ed admitted he didn’t understand why Liz was upset, she stood up to leave the room and stated, ”F–k you, Ed.”

Following the argument, Liz admitted she wasn’t sure if she and Ed should move forward with their plan to live together in Arkansas.

“Right now, a part of me just wants to call it quits because Ed says he’s trying to change, but he doesn’t realize he’s running out of chances real fast,” the reality star admitted in a confessional.

However, the pair have seemingly worked through their issues and tied the knot in August.

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