Prince william back to school

Prince William Goes
Back to School: 8
Things He Can Do With
His New Degree


We can’t imagine that getting asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was a lot of fun for Prince William as a child.

Don’t get us wrong, being a royalty sure has its perks and everything, but being the eventual heir apparent to the British throne probably means that he didn’t get to spend his youth daydreaming about being a firefighter, or an actor, or a professional soccer football star, or an astronaut or a baker, etc.

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Luckily, he’s getting another shot!

On Jan. 7, the Prince began a 10-week program at agriculture management at Cambridge University; the intensive course will be made up of seminars, lectures and meetings related to the agriculture industry.

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The best part of his return to school is that he’s doing it like everything other student; he’s staying near campus, and even took to the train to school this morning! Although, we suspect that he’s the only Cambridge student who will have to say, “Prince William, Duke of Cambridge” during awkward, first-day-of-class ice breakers!

Regardless, we hope Prince William uses this opportunity to dream big! But in case he needs any help, we made a list of TK professions he can consider with his new accreditations! Check out some suggested career paths for people who study agriculture management!

1.     Animal Breeder

Does this mean we’d get more of the Queen’s corgis? If yes, then count us in. 

2.     Plant Manager

We imagine this a lot like the breeding… but with plants.

3.     Sustainable Business Consultant

Essentially, one can provide advice to businesses on how to make their business practices more “green” and utilize best practices to maintain success. 

4.     Farm/Ranch Management 

Will may be a city boy, but studying agriculture will help prepare him for a career in the country.

5.     Agribusiness Technician

Agribusiness technicians deal with the mechanics and equipment used on farms and ranches.

6.     Farm Labor Contractor 

These contractors recruit and employ workers who then offer labor and production in the farm work for another farm or organization.

7.     Commodities Broker

To insure best representation in an industry, farms/ranches rely on a commodity broker  to buy or sell contracts to distribute the product, for a commission.

8.     The King

With this new degree, there’s an endless list of opportunities for Wills; of course, if none of those work out, we have a feeling he’ll end up with a pretty great job. Nepotism—right?!