Plastic surgery rumors about Ben Affleck have been swirling since the actor seemingly debuted a fresh face at Netflix’s The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady on Sunday, May 5. Now, triple board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir is weighing in on the apparent procedures the Good Will Hunting star had in an exclusive chat with In Touch.

“Ben Affleck’s signature crow’s feet have long been a defining feature of his appearance. However, upon comparing his past photos to present-day images in 2024, there’s a noticeable difference — the wrinkles around his eyes appear significantly smoother,” Dr. Kassir, who founded Kassir Plastic Surgery and Inside Beauty, tells In Touch on Wednesday, May 8. “This suggests the possibility that he may have sought treatment for his crow’s feet, possibly through injections like neurotoxin injections or similar procedures. This observation extends to his overall appearance, which appears notably smoother and shinier compared to before.”

Dr. Kassir, who has not treated the Deep Water actor, adds that Ben’s face “appears refreshed, with a clean and shiny complexion.”

“Upon closer examination, there are no visible incisions that would suggest a facelift,” the surgeon continues. “He may have opted for a less invasive procedure like a neck lift or achieved this transformation through weight loss, getting in shape, or utilizing anti-aging treatments such as PRP, exosomes, or filler injections. Another possibility is a procedure known as Nano fat, which involves injecting fat under the skin to enhance shine and overall appearance.”

Ben, 51, made headlines for his appearance at Netflix’s live streamed The Roast of Tom Brady event, which featured performances from comedians like Kevin Hart and Nikki Glaser, athletes like Rob Gronkowski and Peyton Manning and other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and more. However, the Gone Girl actor’s set was particularly unusual, as he spent most of his time wrapped up in a passionate rant about online trolls.

“You sit there, f–king hiding behind your keyboard, spewing out all this f–king toxic s–t about people you’d be afraid to come up to if you saw them at the car wash,” he said. “You guys out there talking s–t, all right behind your f–king keyboard, that doesn’t make you a fan. That makes you a bitch.”

Did Ben Affleck Get Fillers? Plastic Surgeon Weighs In
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

Many social media users were talking about his choice of subject matter, while others focused on his physical appearance. X users speculated that the actor had gotten Botox or a face lift.

The rumors led to some tension between Ben and wife Jennifer Lopez, a source exclusively told In Touch on Tuesday, May 7.

“Ben’s comedy roast of Tom Brady seems to have backfired,” the insider said. “He was coming for the public’s negative social media comments towards Tom but ended up igniting a firestorm about his own appearance. He’s furious because he’s getting slammed for fillers and Botox that Jen pushed him to get.”

The source added, “Ben’s upset with Jen because if it wasn’t for her he would never get work done, but she’s convinced him that everybody in Hollywood does a little facial maintenance, including his good friends, like Matt Damon.”

The Batman actor “takes responsibility for agreeing to certain procedures, but from now on he says he wants to age gracefully,” the insider continued. Meanwhile, J. Lo, 54, “doesn’t agree. She says he looks great, but that’s where they’re at.”

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