You didn’t think that Adam and Danielle Busby are raising six little girls without any support did you?! As you can imagine, the stars of OutDaughtered rely quite a bit on the family when it comes to raising their girls, six-year-old Blakye and two-year-old quintuplets Hazel, Ava, Olivia, Parker, and Riley — including Danielle’s mom Michelle a.k.a. Mimi!

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Mimi proved to be a dedicated grandma to all those crazy little kids when she left her native Louisiana to be closer to Danielle and her girls in Houston shortly after the quints were born. Though Mimi originally lived with her daughter, son-in-law, and six granddaughters, she eventually moved into a home of her own. As fans of the TLC show know, the move wasn’t exactly easy for Mimi, as she was reluctant to settle in to her home in Texas; in fact, it took her so long to unpack her new home that Danielle and her twin sisters decided to unpack for their mother and throw her a surprise party to make the transition even easier.

Since entering the spotlight, Danielle has been open about how close she is to her mother and sisters and how she loves being able to raise her gaggle of girls alongside them. As she explained to Channel Guide Magazine, “Would I have done the show without [my mother and sisters]? Well, it’s made it more exciting with­ them. I love being able to capture moments with them. And I see them all the time — especially my sister that lives here close to me — so it would have been weird not having her involved, them involved, because we’re always together.”

And based on social media, it’s obvious that fans can’t get enough of the blonde-haired grandma! “Mimi’s the sweetest lady, she deserves the best,” one fan tweeted shortly after Danielle and her sisters unveiled their surprise for their mother. Another added, “I hope some millionaire is watching OutDaughtered and sees how awesome Mimi is and sweeps her off her feet — she deserves it!” We couldn’t agree more!