OutDaughtered stars Adam Busby and Danielle Busby shared an update about their daughter Hazel’s health after her nystagmus diagnosis during season 9. So, what is nystagmus and what is the current status of her condition?

What Is Nystagmus?

Nystagmus is “a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements,” according to the American Optometric Association. The eye movements “often result in reduced vision and depth perception and can affect balance and coordination,” while they can “occur from side to side, up and down or in a circular pattern.”

When Was Hazel Diagnosed With Nystagmus?

Hazel – who is one of the couple’s quintuplets – was born with nystagmus. The quintuplets are currently 9 years old, though were 7 at the time of filming season 9.

Does Adam and Danielle Busby’s Daughter Hazel Need Surgery?

During the August 15, 2023, episode of OutDaughtered, Danielle admitted she was “a little bit nervous” for Hazel’s appointment with a new eye doctor. “Last time Hazel saw the eye doctor, she told us that Hazel does not need to have another surgery,” she explained. “But that’s something that we have to monitor as she gets older.”

She added that she was “concerned” that the new doctor “just doesn’t know what Hazel looked like ever before.”

“I’m just nervous that she’ll just be like, ‘Oh. This is this, this doesn’t look good,’ but I don’t know,” Danielle continued. “I’ve heard really great things about this eye doctor, so I have some hope that this’ll work out.”

Adam said he hoped they were “out of the woods” when it comes to another eye surgery.

Following the appointment, Hazel was seen leaving the doctor’s office while wearing special glasses because her eyes were dilated. She told her parents that they “sprayed” something in her eyes instead of using drops to dilate them. The appointment seemingly went well and Hazel said the new doctor was “nice,” adding that she preferred the new doctor to her previous one.

While Hazel was happy with the experience, both Adam and Danielle shared they were feeling optimistic about their daughter’s vision. “Doing all this research on nystagmus and just seeing all the worst things that could happen, and then stepping into this appointment and then hearing that Hazel has 20/30 vision,” the father of six said. “It’s awesome.”

OutDaughtered's Adam and Danielle Busby Share Daughter Hazel’s 'Awesome' Health Update

Danielle added she was hopeful that Hazel will “never” need another surgery. “I just don’t have that much concerns about what Hazel can accomplish,” the TLC personality said. “‘Can she ride this bike? Can she play softball? Does she wanna be a gymnast?’ She can do anything she wants to put her heart to and mind to.”

She continued, “I don’t think her vision is gonna be as much of a hold-back as we may think it is.”

The family returned for season 10 in May 2024, though haven’t shared an update about Hazel’s condition during the most recent season.

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