Two years after making his reality show debut on Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, Steven McBee is back on the small screen in The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys. The series, which follows Steven, his father, Steven Sr., and three brothers as they fight for the family’s cattle ranch in Missouri, has been dubbed a real-life version of Yellowstone. “I was so out of my element doing Joe Millionaire,” says Steven, 31, who met girlfriend Calah Jackson on the dating show. “There were 200 production people on set, and every date was controlled. With McBee Dynasty, everything is authentic. It’s my business, my life, my family, and we don’t know how to be anything other than who we are.” Here, Steven exclusively talks to In Touch’s Lindsay Hoffman about comparisons between his new show and the hit series Yellowstone, how things are going with Calah, and the one reality show he’d never do.

Tell us more about ‘The McBee Dynasty’

It’s Yellowstone meets Succession meets Dallas, and then you jumble all of those up and throw reality TV into the mix.

Did you think you’d ever do another reality show?

The goal of going on Joe Millionaire was to tell them about my farm and ranch. I started watching Yellowstone before the casting process, and I was like, “Man, I’ve got to get a production company out here.” And once we got eyeballs on my family and the farm, I knew we could spin that into a reality TV show.

What makes it similar to ‘Yellowstone’?

People that aren’t involved in farming and ranching don’t understand the stresses and pressures. You’re working seven days a week, and every day you’re facing a new battle. But as difficult as it is, it’s in our blood. We never, ever leave a ranch.

Tell us about your family dynamics

We may almost come to fist-fighting around lunchtime, but by dinner, everything is back to normal and we’re enjoying each other’s company. Family comes first. We need each other’s love and that support system. But it doesn’t come without its challenges and bad days where we’re ready to throw down in the middle of a field.

How are things with you and Calah?

Since Joe Millionaire, we’ve had ups and downs. We had only had three dates on the show. didn’t know each other that well. And dating in the public eye makes things difficult. But it’s been about a year since we shot the show, and we’ve been going strong since then.

Are you going to take the next step?

Marriage has crossed my mind. On McBee Dynasty you’ll see how commitment-reluctant my brothers and I are, stemming from [our parents’ divorce]. But if we end up getting Season 2, [there may be a] little surprise there.

Would you do another reality show, like ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

It’s embarrassing, but I took eight months of dance lessons because of a girl I had a crush on who loved two-stepping. So I’d love to do Dancing With the Stars. Keep me off of The Voice, though!

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