Jasmine Reynaud was sent home after facing Nicole Zanatta in an intense battle on The Challenge: All Stars. Following her elimination during the Wednesday, May 8, episode, Jasmine exclusively tells In Touch about where she stands with Cara Maria Sorbello, how she felt about taking on Nicole and more.

Earlier this season, Jasmine, 37, voted Cara, 37, into elimination, which led Cara to orchestrate The Real World alum’s nomination this time around. While Cara was upset that Jasmine “betrayed” her, Jasmine says their relationship wasn’t as close as the Boston native made it seem.

“We never talk outside the game,” she explains. “I’ve never had her number. She’s never had mine. We’ve done quite a few Challenges together in our 20s. We were always cordial to each other, never had a problem. We only had to go against each other because of other people’s votes, never her coming after me or me coming after her. We always had a pretty fine relationship … So, for me, when she says I’m being a s–tty friend to her, we weren’t really friends! We were coworkers who lived together and worked together.”

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Jasmine admits to being “shocked” that Cara was so offended that she voted for her earlier in the season. “At the end of the day, I have to build a final [of people I want to go against] that I want to build,” she said. “Cara was not part of that. She’s not someone I want to go against in the final.”

During the episode, Jay Mitchell also voted Jasmine into elimination because he felt like she had made too many alliances and wouldn’t have his back. However, the Texas native says, “Everyone has assumed that I was in alliances, but you’ve never heard me say in one confessional that I’m aligned with anyone. Yes, I might know people outside of the show, I talk to them, but that is [just] an assumption that we are working together … Cara made the assumption that we were working together, so everyone decided – instead of coming up and asking me – everyone made assumptions. If they would’ve asked me to my face, I would’ve told them the truth [that we weren’t].”

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Jasmine was voted into elimination against Veronica Portillo. However, as the winner of the daily challenge, Nicole, 33, had the option to replace one of the competitors in hopes of earning a star, which would guarantee her a spot in the final. At first, Nicole chose to go against Veronica, 46, but she eventually changed her mind.

“I’d made a deal with [Nicole] beforehand that she was going to [save me],” Jasmine says. “But I’m standing there and I’m like, ‘This is taking too long.’ And to [viewers] it seems like a long time, but for us, it’s even longer. It has to be at least 20, 25 minutes.” Jasmine adds that she eventually came to the conclusion she was going to be called back down, which is why she remained so calm when Nicole made her final choice.

“I had no choice but to laugh,” she admits. “It’s the game. I tried to make a move and it backfired. It’s the way it goes. It’s the nature of the game. I can’t take it personal.”

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