90 Day Fiancé star Rob Warne reacted to his mother-in-law Claire Sierra’s explosive claims in an exclusive statement to In Touch.

“It’s unfortunate that Claire would stoop so low just to embarrass or harass her own daughter, but this is who she is and why her and I have had our issues in the past,” Rob, 33, exclusively tells In Touch. “I do have my own issues though and will continue to work on them.”

He asked fans to pray for Sophie Sierra as she navigates a “very hard situation” with the person who is “supposed to love and support her above all others.”

“But is instead trying to tear her and everyone she cares about down. It is a desperate show of jealousy and hatred from a very selfish old woman,” the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? alum explains. “As for me, I will continue on my path to being a better man, that is all I can do.”

Hours earlier, Claire ignited social media by posting explosive video footage of her daughter and Rob’s past blowups. In one clip, the former couple were in a moving vehicle as Rob threatened to break Sophie’s phone.

“This is Rob threatening to smash Sophie’s phone and wanting her to pay for it even though she is in the U.S.A. on a K-1 [visa] and can’t work, has no money, threatening her and making her cry,” Claire captioned the video clip. “It gets worse trust me, more to follow. I’m sick of being accused of a controlling mum but right now I step back.”

Rob yelled at Sophie, 25, telling her the phone wasn’t hers as she hadn’t “paid a f–king dime toward” the device. In response, the U.K. native said she needed her cell phone because she didn’t feel safe with him and asked why he even went to pick her up.

Inside 90 Day Fiance's Rob and Sophie's Explosive Fights- Videos

“You said you were coming home,” Rob is heard saying as Sophie fought back tears. “I mean eventually, I would think if you act like you give a f–k about this relationship, you’d come home but the more you f–k off our relationship, the worst it’s gonna be when you finally come home. You gon have to eat some s–t.”

Along with the explosive video footage, Claire shared a screenshot of a text message allegedly from her daughter, where Sophie threatened to post “proof” of Claire’s “addiction and mental health issues” if she continued to post on social media.

“THIS IS A REPLY FROM MY DAUGHTER. She [has] been brainwashed by the girl Kae and Rob,” Claire captioned the screenshot. “Everything that my daughter just said is a lie, it’s called gaslighting … I will never ever be ashamed of what I’ve done and where I’ve come from and what I have survived. My daughter never paid for anything. She’s been spoiled and I paid for her life, just like my family did for her as well [sic].”

Claire admitted to getting “really angry” and shouting on occasion but placed the blame on being “pissed off with her child.”

“I just need to get this out here because I will not allow anyone to abuse me and talk about mental health and addiction,” she continued. “Anyone that survived it and has got clean and getting help, I am proud of you.”

Claire is known for her appearances on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alongside her daughter. During the series, Claire wasn’t shy about her disdain for Rob and regularly urged him to step up and be a “real man” to Sophie.

In Touch exclusively confirmed Sophie and Rob’s split in March. The online influencer had been living apart from her husband and with her friend Kay since May 2023. “[They] have been living together since,” the source explained, adding that Rob and Sophie hadn’t filed for divorce since the “show was still going on.”

“Sophie and Rob still keep in touch and are friends, but they are not together,” the insider concluded.

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