Former anchor Poppy Harlow can be counted as another casualty of CNN, insiders exclusively tell In Touch.

Her CNN This Morning show was a flop out of the gate — with poor reviews, terrible ratings and bad chemistry among cohosts who also included Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins.

The show imploded after Don clashed with both women — including berating Kaitlan for interrupting him while on the air.

“Poppy is a real pro and was aghast at being a part of that circus,” says a source.

Don, 58, was famously fired last April after mansplaining on-air that presidential candidate Nikki Haley was “no longer in her prime” at age 51. As part of that reshuffle, Kaitlan was given a primetime spot, leaving Poppy trying to save the sinking morning ship.

But sources say being a featured player in the fiasco scarred Poppy’s reputation with the new regime after new CEO Mark Thompson came on board.

“People looked at her as part of the old regime — even though she started at CNN years before,” says a source. “To be honest, the perception was unfair!”

But sources say Poppy’s lofty $3 million salary was also a weight around the 42-year-old anchor’s neck.

“The TV news business is evolving and they just can’t afford the big anchor salaries any longer,” says a source. “The future isn’t even in TV anymore — it’s streaming — and they’re dumping all the big- ticket talent.

“Poppy was offered less money and given the opportunity to stay. She chose to leave — but she’s a victim of CNN’s disastrous management anyway!”

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