Are Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva divorced? The couple’s marital problems have played out on season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Keep scrolling below to find out if they’re still married or together and to find out where they stand today in 2021! Warning: Spoilers below. 

As In Touch previously reported, Mike and Natalie have been separated since early 2021. Now, In Touch can confirm that neither Mike nor Natalie have not filed for divorce. According to court records, they have not submitted paperwork. A Clallam County Court clerk also confirmed to In Touch that there is no divorce in progress.

The former couple has documented nearly their entire journey on TLC. Fans have watched Mike and Natalie clash before she arrived in America on 90 Day Fiancé season 7, then their dramatic 90-day countdown to their wedding — which Mike called off the morning of only to agree to wed days later — on 90 Day Fiancé season 8. By the time they returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6, their marriage was already on the rocks and viewers were witnessing the beginning of the end.

Earlier in HEA? season 6, they documented their trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to spend Thanksgiving 2020 with Mike’s mother, Trish. During their stay, Natalie felt uncomfortable and unwelcome by her mother-in-law and tension reached a peak when Natalie claimed Trish called her a “hooker.”

90 Day Fiances Mike Youngquist Natalie Mordovtseva Have Been Separated Months
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The Ukraine native confronted Trish the morning she and Mike were set to return to their home in Washington, which made for an awkward ride as Trish drove them to the airport. Once at the gate, Natalie walked ahead of Mike and Trish and didn’t say goodbye to her mother-in-law. Since then, the tension between Mike and Natalie continued to grow until it reached a boiling point.

On the July 25 episode, Mike and Natalie got into a huge blowout fight while filming their joint confessional interview. Natalie brought up Mike’s mother and her alleged “hooker” comment, and Mike insisted that Natalie call his mother on the phone to clear the air. While on speakerphone, Trish adamantly denied calling Natalie a “hooker.” Natalie asked Trish for her honest opinion about her as a daughter-in-law and why she felt that way, and Trish confirmed she was upset with Natalie because of the way she treats her son.

After Trish hung up, Mike dropped a huge bombshell when he revealed that he got into a huge fight with Natalie on Christmas Eve 2020 that resulted in her leaving to stay with her friend, Juliana, in Seattle.

The Sequim, Washington native then revealed that when Natalie left, she took all of the presents he bought for her and gave them to her friend. “Who did I marry, Natalie? I’m being loving and supportive towards you, you [are] disrespectful, don’t care, rather hang out with your friends all night,” Mike said, revealing Natalie had only spent one night with him since Christmas. Natalie explained she has her own room at her friend’s house and stood there for three weeks because she and Mike “fight a lot” and Natalie still believed Trish called her “names” even though Trish denied it. Their argument continued to get so heated that Mike stormed off the set.

90 day fiance tell all mike mom tried to stop natalie wedding
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As of July 2021, it seems the couple has yet to reconcile and are still estranged. Judging from their social media activity, Natalie appears to be spending time in Florida with friends while Mike remains in Washington.

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