Are Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva still together? The couple were introduced to TLC fans on 90 Day Fiancé season 7 and their drama followed them when they returned for season 8. Keep scrolling below to find out if they end up getting married and where they stand now!

Mike and Natalie’s Drama Started in Ukraine

When Mike and Natalie made their franchise debut, they were already engaged and awaiting a K-1 visa for Natalie so she could legally travel to the United States as the fiancée of an American citizen. The couple, who met when their mutual friends appointed them godparents to their child, hit a bump in the road when there was a delay in the process.

Since they couldn’t wait any longer to see each other in person, Mike booked a trip to Ukraine to visit Natalie. With the K-1 visa (and marriage) looming in the near future, the couple started to discuss big topics like religion, finances and whether or not they wanted children — and learned they had very differing views. They got into a big blowout fight on the night before Mike was scheduled to return to his home in Sequim, Washington, and Natalie threw her engagement ring in his suitcase.

They were still struggling with issues in their relationship when they returned for the season 7 tell-all. Natalie accused Mike of cheating on her with his female best friend, which he denied. Natalie also said she didn’t think her fiancé was her “soulmate,” even though Mike felt she was his.

Mike and Natalie’s Season 8 Return

On the season 8 premiere, Mike and Natalie received the news they had been waiting for: her K-1 visa was finally approved. Even though their relationship was still on the rocks, they decided to give it one last try and use the 90 days leading up to their wedding day as the extra time they needed to work through their problems.

Lead 90 Day Fiance Mike and Natalie Are Enjoying Married Life After Relationship Struggles
Courtesy of Natalie Mordovtseva/Instagram

But things got worse when Natalie touched down in Washington. The couple continued to fight as Natalie struggled to adjust to living on a farm in a rural area after living in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. They also fought over their differing lifestyles: Natalie is a vegetarian who doesn’t drink while Mike prefers to eat meat and have a beer with dinner. They also clashed over their hopes for their relationship as Natalie thought Mike would have given her ring back to her right away and start planning their wedding. Instead, Mike repeatedly told Natalie he didn’t feel they were ready to get married and seemed to drag his feet about picking a date for their wedding.

The tension reached a boiling point when Mike finally agreed to go to couple’s therapy with Natalie after she insisted they seek professional help. During their first session, Mike told Natalie he wasn’t in love with her anymore.

Previews for later in the season show Natalie in the midst of an emotional breakdown as she prepared to leave Mike’s home. “I will fly to Europe and from then, I will figure out how I [will] get home. I don’t know honestly yet how. I’m feeling scared because it’s coronavirus and I have to f—king go through [the] airport and it’s f—king scary and it’s not OK,” Natalie said sobbing as she packed her clothes in the clip. “But I also think that a man who does this to me doesn’t love me. And this is my last day in America.”

Are Mike and Natalie Married?

Despite the dramatic preview, Mike and Natalie did end up getting married. In Touch can confirm the couple tied the knot in Clallam County, Washington on April 15, 2020, according to online records.

Are Mike and Natalie Still Together?

While they did make it down the aisle, Mike and Natalie have been keeping their relationship under wraps on social media. Neither Mike nor Natalie have shared any photos of their spouse on Instagram. But it appears they are still together and even took a romantic trip to Los Angeles in February 2021. On February 8, Natalie shared a selfie video showing off the view of what appeared to be L.A. from the top of the Griffith Observatory. On February 22, Mike shared a selfie with the iconic Hollywood sign in the background.

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