Honesty hour. 90 Day Fiancé star Mike Youngquist opened up about why he called off his wedding to Natalie Mordovtseva on the morning of their nuptials.

“Me and Natalie were supposed to get married today and I just got real nervous was having really cold feet. I just feel like everything’s so rushed and just not a good day,” Mike 35, told a producer while alone at his home. He also admitted it feels “very odd” not having her there with him.

After he canceled their wedding, Natalie, 35, drove to Seattle with Mike’s neighbor, Tamara. The Ukraine native planned to stay in a motel overnight with Tamara so she could board a flight to Europe the following morning. But after the person at the front desk refused to accept Mike’s credit card without him being present to show his ID, Tamara drove back to Sequim, Washington, to take Natalie back to Mike’s house. She broke down in tears at the thought of having to face Mike again so soon following their dramatic fight before she left.

“As soon as Natalie arrived, Mike requested that she stop recording. They turned off all cameras,” read a message from production as the couple self-recorded the footage in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The next day, the couple turned the cameras back on. Natalie said both of them agreed it would be best for them to sleep in separate rooms and wait until the morning to talk about what had transpired.

“It was hard for me to do that yesterday, to tell you I wasn’t ready to get married,” Mike told Natalie. “I just got cold feet.” Natalie didn’t understand the term, and Mike explained he was just nervous about their whole situation. “I think something is behind it, I just don’t know it,” Natalie told Mike. “Could you be honest?”

He insisted “nothing was behind” his decision. “I got rejected two hours before the wedding,” Natalie said, starting to cry. “Everybody’s gonna laugh at me. For what? What did I do?”

She begged Mike to tell her what she did to make him decide not to marry her. “Nothing’s your fault,” he insisted. “I’m taking responsibility. I was an a–hole. I’m sorry that I put you in this situation and I’m really glad you came back. I never wanted you to leave. I was super super worried.”

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“I feel like I put so much in our relationship,” Natalie told Mike. “I’m mad at you and I feel like you didn’t give me the respect I wanted.”

Mike told Natalie he loves her “very much” and that he didn’t “mean to hurt” her. “I realize that life will go on. So, I’m happy that I’m here. I forgive you,” she said.

But just because Natalie forgave Mike didn’t mean their wedding was back on. He told Natalie he wished they had more time, and he suggested they talk to an immigration lawyer who could advise them on what they should do, hoping they would be allowed to overstay her visa due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple sat in on a video chat with a local lawyer the following day — with just 24 hours before her visa expires — to learn about their options. Mike asked if Natalie would be able to stay past the 90 days allowed in the K-1 visa process amid the coronavirus pandemic, but the lawyer did not suggest they do that. Instead, she suggested they get married tomorrow in order for Natalie to be able to legally remain in America.

The lawyer did not recommend Natalie staying in America beyond the 90 days without getting married. Natalie also did not want to be considered “illegal” in the states because she worried about her elderly mother’s health amid the pandemic. If there were a family emergency and Natalie would have to travel back to Ukraine to be with her mom, that would put her at risk of running into issues with immigration at the airport. If they learned she had an expired visa with no green card application pending, she would be in trouble.

On the other hand, if Mike and Natalie did get married and he filed the paperwork for her green card, the pending application status would be enough for her to file for a permit for her to travel to Ukraine in case of an emergency.

The lawyer’s final advice was to get married the next day. If not, then Natalie would have to return to Ukraine tomorrow. Natalie insisted they get married, but Mike still had cold feet.

In the teaser for next week’s episode, it seems Natalie is still waiting on Mike to make a decision about their wedding. For spoilers on whether Mike and Natalie end up getting married, click here. To find out if Mike and Natalie are still together now, click here.

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