Will they make it? Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva are returning to 90 Day Fiancé season 8, shocking fans because they seemed to be on the brink of a split during their last appearance on the season 7 finale.

The couple was introduced in 2019, where they originally hoped to share their K-1 visa journey. Mike, 34, met Natalie, 35, after their mutual friends asked them to be godparents to their child. Mike and Natalie bonded over being divorcees and they started dating online. They met in person when he traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine for their first meeting.

During their second meeting in Paris, Mike proposed. He filed for Natalie’s K-1 visa when he returned to America, which would allow her to legally enter the United States as his fiancée under the condition they wed within 90 days of her arrival. But there was an issue with her visa, causing it to be delayed. Because they weren’t sure how much longer the process would take, Mike decided to take another trip to Kyiv to visit Natalie.

With marriage looming, the couple was forced to have several difficult conversations about their future and they learned their views don’t align. Natalie wanted to have children right away while Mike was hesitant to start a family. She also worried about Mike’s finances and whether he would be able to provide for her and a family in the states. The biggest issue the couple clashed over is religion: Natalie is extremely religious but Mike is a self-proclaimed atheist.

Their differences continued to drive a wedge between them and as Mike packed his things to return to the U.S. at the end of his visit, Natalie took her engagement ring off and threw it in his suitcase. Surprisingly, the couple was still together when they appeared on the season 7 tell-all, but their fights had taken a toll on their relationship.

When host Shaun Robinson asked Natalie if she feels Mike is her soulmate, she answered honestly. “For me, soulmate is like somebody that understands you without words and you don’t have to push yourself or explain yourself. You’re just, you’re comfortable, happy and things not [sic] get as hard. If I say now that he is my soulmate, it will be a lie. I’m sorry,” she said.

After her bombshell reveal, Mike also answered honestly about where their relationship stands. “I mean, it’s just something I’ve been struggling with ever since I’ve gotten back from Ukraine. There’s just been a ton of stuff on my mind. Kind of questioning myself and the whole relationship, you know,” he said.

Fans will watch them continue their journey on season 8 as Natalie’s K-1 visa was approved shortly after Mike returned home. The couple agreed to take a chance and try to work out their problems after Natalie arrives in America, with only 90 days to decide if they want to get married or not. If you’re wondering if Mike and Natalie end up making it down the aisle, read our spoilers here.

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