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Gorgeous Pics: Lena
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Bridesmaids Dress for
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As writer, director, producer, creator and lead actor of the critically acclaimed HBO series Girls, the insanely gifted and talented Lena Dunham wears many hats, and, as you can see in almost every photo of her on set, prefers comfort over style when it comes to her work wardrobe, especially given her vast number of responsibilities and no doubt extreme lack of sleep.

And who can blame her?

That being said, things do not get much better when Lena steps onscreen to play Hannah Horvath on the show, currently filming its fourth season, a woman whose brave fashion and style choices over the show's three seasons have included drawn on eyebrows, a yellow mesh tank top stolen from a gay man and worn without a bra, and, most recently, an item of lingerie that seemed to be the result of some terrible etsy fever dream and was constructed of small black nylon ropes that actually wrapped around her boobs, offering no coverage at all.

Hannah Horvath Girls

Girl can be a big mess sometimes!

Lena Dunham Bridesmaid Dress

So it was delightful to see photos on Miss Dunham's Instagram recently of her friend's lovely country wedding, where she served as one of the bridesmaids. And serve in style our Lena did do, wearing a simple but stunning cap sleeved grey dress that reached the ground, and, when combined with her wispy bangs and beautifully bare makeup, easily scored the starlet her biggest fashion win to date.

Lena Dunham Bridesmaid Dress 2

Check out Lena's wedding look above.