Tom arnold howard stern

Tom Arnold Confesses
to Howard Stern: Dax
Shepard Offered to
Donate Sperm When I
Was Having Trouble


There are good friends and then there are great friends—and we’re going to have to say that for Tom Arnold, Dax Shepard is a great friend!

Tom, 54, went on The Howard Stern Show and opened up to Howard about being a first-time dad to baby Jax, who was born this past April. Tom confessed that he was having trouble conceiving—because of a low-sperm count—and that Dax offered to donate sperm!

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“Dax Shepard came over one time and said, ‘Listen, I want to do this for you, Kristen [Bell, Dax’s wife] says it’s okay, you can have my sperm,’” Tom told Howard.

Tom admitted that it was the nicest thing anyone ever said to him and ran the idea by his wife, Ashley, who agreed to try conceiving one more time.

After contacting an adoption lawyer and 23 failed attempts at in vitro fertilization with a former spouse, Tom became a father for the first time when Ashley gave birth to Jax in April—10 days after Dax and Kristen welcome Lincoln in March!

Now, little Jax and Lincoln are close pals—even though one may be maturing a little quicker than the other!

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“Last weekend, we went over to visit, which was kind of a mistake because Lincoln is so smart,” Tom explained. “I was kind of feeling really good about my son and I sat them down together and Lincoln takes these toys and she’s showing him how to play with them, she’s trying to communicate and he stuffs them in his mouth.”

Howard was quick to reassure the new dad that girls typically mature faster than boys—and reminded him that Kristen once said that Tom’s baby was cuter than her own!

But Tom was quick to refute that—saying that Lincoln looks just like her mom, which means she’s adorable.

Tom also shared that he and Dax were both crushing on their wives’ doctor, who they both used while they were pregnant—although she was more than just a pretty face.

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“She’s so smoking hot—she’s so good too, very professional,” Tom said of the OB/GYN who he assured Howard was “the best of the best.”

But ultimately, the boys found themselves disappointed after they learned that Josh Duhamel was visiting her during wife Fergies pregnancy too!

“We were so bummed that she’d like him more than us because he’s super hot.”