Venus Vafa won the hearts of many fans with her brutal honesty on Survivor season 46. The fan-favorite contestant is never afraid to speak her mind on the show.

Who Is Venus Vafa?

Venus is a data analyst from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She started off on the Nami tribe at the beginning of the season and quickly proved to be a very strategic player.

“So I went to business school,” she told Parade of how she became a data analyst. “I went to McGill University and got my Bachelor of Commerce there. And this was just a natural next step. But obviously, I’m in a very transitional period of time. I’m pivoting towards a law degree in potentially immigration law. That is my dream and hope. My parents immigrated to Canada from Iran. So, immigration law is something that’s really near and dear to my heart. I volunteer a lot with refugees. So that’s definitely something that I’m aiming to turn my career towards.”

She had some tense moments with Soda Thompson during the competition.

“We had a very complicated relationship, and you could see it,” Soda told Entertaiment Weekly after she was voted off the show. “She’s a very assertive person and is very matter-of-fact like that. And I’m very, ‘All right, your feelings are valid. I hear you.’ I have to be neutral. I have to be Switzerland because we’re playing a game for a million dollars. So the way it was edited, in my opinion, was not accurate. It was from one perspective. So that moment at the end, it’s chill. I knew our relationship had gone up and down like this, so I was not surprised to see that make the edit because of how they were putting it all together.”

Venus Survivor 46
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Has Venus Won Individual Immunity?

While the Nami tribe was on a winning streak in the first few episodes of season 46 of Survivor, Venus has not won individual immunity. But, she has won the love of fans on social media who are constantly talking about her hilarious commentary.

“‘The village idiot.’ ‘Bumbling buffoons.’ ‘Dumb dumb meatheads who think they’re running the show.’ ‘These two rats who think they’re in charge but they’re failing miserably.’ Venus has a way with words. Love it. Love her. Take them down. #survivor #Survivor46,” one viewer wrote on X.

“Kind of obsessed with Venus not being targeted this episode somehow #survivor,” another person wrote during episode 9.

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