The McBee Dynasty follows Steven McBee Sr. and his sons running a “high-stakes farming and cattle business in rural Missouri.” After watching the show, fans want to know more about Steve’s first wife and the boys’ mom, Kristi.

Who Is Steve McBee Sr.’s First Wife Kristi?

Kristi McBee was Steve’s first wife. Their divorce case was filed in 2019 and is still ongoing, according to online records viewed by In Touch. Kristi also previously filed for divorce in 2014 but the case was dismissed.

In an interview with USA Insider, Steve Sr. confirmed that he and Kristi were married for 28 years. They share four sons: Steven Jr., Jesse, Cole and Brayden. “I’ll always love the boys’ mom,” Steve Sr. said. “I have the same mom with the same four kids.”

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Cole admitted that he thinks his parents stayed together longer than they would have if the children weren’t in the picture. “I think once we all kind of got out of the house, you know, once Brayden got out of high school and in college that kind of … they were just like, ‘Well, why are we even trying anymore?’” he revealed. “They’re fighting all the time and they’re just really butting heads and there was a lot of problems happening, so they just ended up splitting up after.”

Why Isn’t Steve McBee Sr.’s First Wife on ‘The McBee Dynasty’?

Kristi has not appeared in the family’s docuseries because she’s “not really the person to be in the spotlight,” according to Cole. He said that he “doesn’t know” if Kristi will ever decide to step into the public eye and film for the series.

who is steve mcbee srs first wife meet his ex kristi

However, the mom of four has been keeping up with the show and Cole shared that she was “embarrassed” by some of the things she saw. “She raised us to be very good young men and, around her, [we] wouldn’t be acting some of the ways we do around my dad,” he dished. “There were some mistakes made and some things we did that I wish I wouldn’t have and I wish my mom wouldn’t have to see me do some things or say some things.”

Steve McBee’s Relationship With Galyna Saltkovska

The McBee Dynasty viewers saw Steve indulge in a romantic relationship with Galyna Saltkovska, the family business’ Chief Financial Officer, in season 1. However, he also made it clear that he did not want things to get too serious.

“I have been completely transparent with Galyna,” Steve insisted. “She’s one of the best humans I’ve ever met in my life, and I sincerely mean that. I would do anything for her. But I have told her, ‘I don’t want to live with you. I don’t want to be in a full-time relationship.’”

Who Is Steve McBee Sr s First Wife Meet The McBee Dynasty Patriarch s Ex Kristi 240

The duo started seeing each other romantically after Steve and Kristi’s divorce filing, Galyna shared. “It was just kind of a process because obviously Steve kind of had a complicated situation and we were already working together, so it was just a work in progress at all times,” she explained.

Despite Steve’s insistence that things stay casual, the colleagues live under one roof. “I gotta get her in her own house where we could have some separation,” Steve admitted in March 2024. “It’s a touch-and-go situation because I need her in my businesses.”

Who Is Steve McBee Sr. Dating?

In addition to Galyna, Steve’s romantic relationship with a woman named Brooke was also explored on season 1 of The McBee Dynasty. 

“[Watching that] definitely was not the most comfortable experience,” Galyna said. “I still did not know what type of relationship that they had with each other, or how did it look.”

After the show aired, Steve confirmed that he was no longer seeing Brooke and was still only interested in casual relationships. Part of the reason he didn’t want to settle down again is because he didn’t want to have more children.

“I’m not going to have more kids,” he explained. “I want the boys to have a family and I want them to be happy and be married. Everybody should experience that. I just want them to make good decisions.”

Viewers also met another one of Steve’s romantic interests named Kylee on the show. He played a little more coy about their post-show status, telling USA Insider, “I mean, we still talk.”

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