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Scott Disick's Two
Million Dollar Day:
The Reality Star
Dishes on His Luxe


Scott Disick (a.k.a. Lord Disick) is rollin’ in the dough! Or that’s what his recent interview with Haute Living magazine would lead us to believe. In the article, Scott gives us a glimpse into his luxe lifestyle.
From waking up at 10 a.m. to shower and shave until capping the night with marathons of “Seinfled,” the reality star and father to Kourtney Kardashian’s children details a play-by-play of his two million dollar day.
After his shower, Scott makes sure to moisturize his face – with nothing but the best, of course. His favorite product is Crem de La Mer. The price of his glowing skin? A 2 oz. container of the product costs a whopping $275.

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Next, Scott picks out his suit for the day. More often than not, he dons a Tom Ford ensemble, which can cost upwards of 5,000 dollars.
Once he’s finished grooming himself, the Kim and Kourtney Take Miami star makes “the biggest choice of the day”: which designer watch to wear that afternoon.
“If the day is professional and I know I have important meetings or am closing a business deal, I will wear what feels to be the most successful of my watches: a Patek Philippe,” Scott boasts.
A Patek Philippe watch can cost over one million dollars!

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Once he chooses a flashy accessory, it’s time to drive. Scott then has to make another very important decision: which luxury vehicle will he use that day?
Of his most extravagant choices is a Rolls Royce Drophead Convertible, which costs almost half a million dollars.
Altogether, a day in the life of Scott is pretty pricey, totaling about 2 million dollars! So if this is the life he leads, what exactly is he doing for a living?
“I have done a lot of private label manufacturing in the nutrition biz and have raised money for startup companies,” Scott promises. “I tend to invest money into nightlife businesses the friends of mine that are involved in nightclubs and what not.”
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