Rachael Ray on
Valentine's Day,
meeting her husband
and kids (none — for


In an exclusive interview with In Touch, one of showbiz's busiest women, Rachael Ray, took some time to talk romance, cooking and kids. Accompanied by her husband, John Cusimano, Rachael revealed their plan for Valentine's Day. "We always just stay home and cook," says the chef/author/host. "We love our dog as much as we love each other, so we stay home and have a threesome. A three-date!" As for how they met, Rachael laughs, "We were at a party with a lot of really tall people and we're both so short that we saw each other right away!" And when it comes to kids, the busy couple isn't planning on it yet. "Probably not," admits Rachael. "That's why we do so much with kids with our Yum-o! charity. I mean, I've got five jobs. It's a little rough. I feel like I'm a bad mom to my dog!"