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Mary Murphy’s 'So You
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Blog, Week 4: "Amy and
Fik-Shun Are the

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For the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance, judge Mary Murphy is sharing the inside scoop with In Touch readers— everything from show highlights to personal predictions. In Week 4, Mary talks about disagreeing with the elimination decision—and who she thinks is finale-bound. Check back every week for more scoop from Mary!

I wouldn't have sent "Blu-Print" home yet, but I was overruled! The choreographers would rather work with professionally trained Curtis than "Blu-Print," and I guess you can't blame them. Now that the show has opened it up to the choreographers, we find out some interesting things as judges: Last season, there was one contestant that was always constantly complaining. What choreographer wants to deal with a constant complainer when you only have a short amount of time to get something into someone's head?

Right now, Amy and Fik-shun are the front-runners. If I had my guess, they're going to go to the finale.  They have the cute factor, the likeability. But Jenna and Tucker did have their moment. We've known from the beginning that they're extraordinary dancers, but they needed to go to another level—and they did.  Another couple that stepped it up a notch—outside their style!— were Mackenzeie and Paul  with the hip-hop number. I thought they were amazing in that piece; it really got the best out of both of them.

That's what I love about  this show, from one week to the next, it really depends on what choreographer you get. And then everyone's going to be switching partners pretty soon, with the all-stars coming in. Amy and Fik-Shun and Mackenzeie and Paul have had the same partners the whole time. You get used to someone...and then all of a sudden, they're taken away!

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