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For the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance, judge Mary Murphy is sharing the inside scoop with 'In Touch' readers— everything from show highlights to personal predictions. In Week 1, Mary talks about which contestants she thinks can swing it in the big leagues and who’s crumbling from exhaustion. Check back every week for more scoop from Mary!

The top twenty for this season of So You Think You Can Dance has been nothing short of stellar!
Some of our choreographers are on fire right now, especially Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott, and Tabitha and Napoleon!
This is the end of the first week, when the dancers are finally getting hit with exhaustion for the first time, realizing how much work is going to be asked of them on the show. These dancers have put in major effort, and it surely showed.
There were no major missteps on the show last night. I think the jive was incredibly fast and hey, I’m a professional jive dancer and even I would have a tough time dancing to that song that Mariah and Carlos danced to. It was so darn fast! We still have to remember that Mariah is a hip-hopper and that this might have been one of the first times she ever wore a pair of high heels. I know they were very uncomfortable for her. She was still getting used to them. Needless to say, Mariah and Carlos are very talented dancers, so I think we’ll see a different story from them next week. However, for me, that was probably the weakest number of the night.
The night was really filled with a lot of great numbers. For the hip-hop number choreographed by Christopher Scott, I didn’t think Alexis and Nico couldn’t perform up to the level that Chris is used to. Some people can do it, and some people just cannot physically do it. I think those were really the only two for me.
The most believable chemistry so far this season is from Aaron and Jasmine. Those guys seem to have a great connection and a real partnership. Jasmine is starting to emerge as someone who really deserves to be here. She was on my questionable list, but last night she changed my mind on that. Jasmine belongs in that top twenty and I think Aaron and Jasmine are going to be a very strong couple.
At this point, I can’t pinpoint a frontrunner. I will have a better idea by the third or fourth show. I thought all the hip hop boys stepped up the plate amazingly and now I’d like to see them do a quickstep or a cha-cha or something that is so foreign to them, to see how they cope.
What really kind of stands out still in my memory right now is BluPrint. I don’t think any of us saw how great he would be able to cope with the coreograpahy, and be able to really perform the way he did. I think it knocked everybody in the audience off of their feet. His partner, Brittany, has to be commended because behind the scenes, she is probably working night and day to help BluPrint out. Brittany is the type of girl to hang in there with her dance partner. I really thought that their performance could have gone down in flames, but they proved me wrong!
The great thing about this show is that when somebody struggles one week with one style, they come back the next week and they get a standing ovation. It’s a beautiful thing. It always keeps us fresh, and keeps the judges fresh because we really don’t know what to expect week to week.
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