Lindsay lohan oprah winfrey interview

Lindsay Lohan Speaks
Out For The First Time
After Rehab: “I’m My
Own Worst Enemy”

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If one thing’s certain, it’s that Oprah Winfrey is serious about getting Lindsay Lohan back on track. So it’s no surprise that the talk show maven is grilling LiLo with an intense set of questions in the starlet’s first post-rehab interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.


In this clip, the OWN media queen prompts Lindsay to own up to her past, asking her: “What are you addicted to?”


After being released on July 30 after completing a court-mandated 90-day stint in rehab, the 27-year-old makes a shocking admission to Oprah: “I’m my own worst enemy and I know that.”


With Lindsay’s candid confession, there is also anticipation to see how she handles some of Miss Winfrey’s tougher questions like "Do you think you are addicted to chaos?" and "What's going to be different this time?"

After spending a total of 293 days in rehab since her first stint in 2007, the Canyons star will have a lot of explaining to do.


With no holds barred, Oprah forces out the truth out of Lindsay. "What does it feel like to be -- both an adjective and a verb -- for a child actor gone wrong?" she questions.


Although she may seem to be coming off harsh, Oprah stays optimistic for Lindsay to turn her life around.


"All I can say about it is this: I believe that she believes that she is ready to move forward in her life," the 59-year-old told Al Roker on the TODAY Show on Aug. 5. "And we'll see."


Oprah then added, "I'm anxious to see whether or not this young woman, who is a really, really fine actress, will be able to allow us into her life and let us see the trajectory of trying to put the pieces back together."

Lindsay will delve deeper into her troubled past for the world to see on August 18TH when Oprah’s Next Chapter airs on OWN at 9pm.

Oprah and actress Lindsay Lohan come together for an exclusive, highly anticipated conversation.

Tune in Sunday, August 18, at 9/8c.</p>

First Look: Lindsay Lohan on Oprah's Next