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Kanye West Doesn't
Want You Flying Planes
Over His Mansion, Got

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Knock, knock! Who’s there? Kanye West! Kanye West who? Kanye West would like you to sign right here, please!

The 38-year rapper is trying to ensure his family’s privacy, by creating a no-fly zone over the Hidden Hills, Calif., home where he resides with his pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian, and their two-year-old daughter, North.

And he's even recruiting his famous neighbors to get on board by encouraging them to sign a petition!


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“Kanye has turned up on the doorsteps of Drake, LeAnn Rimes, and David Boreanaz, asking for support,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch Weekly.

“Everyone thinks it’s a great plan, so he’s getting a petition ready. He’s determined to make this happen.”

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Kim is pregnant with baby No. 2, and considering the Kardashian family's tendency to attract a media circus, the rapper's desire to protect his family remains his priority.

"Kanye is all about protecting North and Kim," the insider explains.

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