Is Austin Mahone The
New Justin Bieber?


Is Austin Mahone set to steal Justin Bieber's throne?

It certainly seems possible especially considering bad boy Bieber's recent fall from grace following his DUI and and assault charges in Toronto. More than 200,000 people have petioned the White House to have Bieber deported back Canada.

Mahone, who also first found fame on YouTube, is squeakly clean.

Let's compare:

Justin Bieber

D.O.B.: March 1, 1994

Net Worth: $130 Million (est.)

Albums sold: 12,800,000

Twitter: 45,000,000

Arrests: 2

Austin Mahone

D.O.B.: April 4, 1996

Net Worth: $5 Million (est.)

Albums sold: n/a ('Junior Year' release date TBA)

Twitter Followers: 5,184, 468

Arrests: 0

Mahone may not quite have the numbers to back it up yet, but his meteroic rise on the pop scene and, er, lack of arrests suggest Biebs may have something to worry about. 
What do you think?