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Crazy Things Fans Have Done for Their Idols

By InTouch Weekly

While celebrities would be nothing without their loving fans, sometimes, things get REALLY out of hand. When you see some of the things devoted fans have done for their favorite idols, you'll be left speechless!

  • Jessie J - Literally Broke A Leg

    By InTouch Weekly

    When Jessie broke her leg back in 2011, a devoted fan broke her OWN leg to emulate her idol. In fact, the teen reportedly tracked down the singer's private details and sent Jessie a picture of her broken leg with messages that read: "I will do anything to be just like you."

  • Jodie Foster - Attempted Assassination of the Pres

    By InTouch Weekly

    In 1981, an avid Jodie fan attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan to impress the actress. Apparently, he heavily identified with the main character in the film 'Taxi Driver', which Jodie starred in. It was a movie that involved an attempted assassination of a political candidate.

  • Miley Cyrus - All Tatted Up

    By InTouch Weekly

    A major Miley fan, Carl McCoid has tribute tattoos all over his body, including ones of the singer's face. He claims that Miley helped him through a difficult divorce, so who are we to judge?

  • Kim Kardashian - $150,000 Worth of Plastic Surgery

    By InTouch Weekly

    A self-proclaimed super fan of Kim, Jordan James Parke has spent $150,000 on cosmetic procedures already to try and look like his favorite celeb. 

  • Kanye West - Tattoos and Name Changes

    By InTouch Weekly

    Yeezus fan Linda Resa took matters into her own hands when it came to getting the attention of her favorite rapper. Not only did she legally change her name to Mrs. Kanye Resa West, she also has his name tattooed on her arm and behind!

  • Tom Felton - Forced Adoption

    By InTouch Weekly

    One of Tom's 'Harry Potter' fans loved him so much that they actually offered to adopt him — going so far as to sending him all the legal documentation needed to disown his actual parents!

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