Episode 9 of Survivor season 46 kicked off with some major tension at camp between the players. Tevin went home at the last tribal council and nobody could have ever predicted what would happen next. Spoiler alert: Jeff Probst brought popcorn to tribal council and was ready for the drama!

Q’s Antics Left the ‘Survivor’ Players Confused

Everyone back at camp was confused after Q said he wanted to quit the game at the last tribal council in episode 8. But still, they agreed Tevin was the bigger threat and had to go home.

“So everybody was like blindsided by that?” Kenzie asked her fellow castaways in episode 9 after Q’s weird outburst. “Tribal was bizarre because Q tried to quit.”

Q attempted to explain himself in a confessional, but his logic still wasn’t making sense. “I was trying to switch all of the votes at the last second and it caused everything to go crazy at the last tribal,” he said.

Perhaps the person who was most upset by Q’s antics was Tiff, after he told everyone that she had a hidden immunity idol. “I’m literally target No. 1 because of you opening your mouth,” Tiff told him. Later on in the episode, Q admitted it was a “mistake” to offer himself up like that in the last tribal council.

Who Won the Immunity Challenge This Week?

It was Charlie who won the immunity necklace this week and could not be voted out of the game.

For the challenge this week, the players competed in teams of three in the first stage. Hunter, Charlie and Maria’s team was the clear frontrunners in the first task. Kenzie, Ben and Tiff’s team struggled and were the first team out of the challenge after a balance beam proved to be their downfall. In the second part of the challenge, the players had to each build their own rope bridge.

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Venus, Q and Liz were eliminated in the second part of the challenge. Charlie, Hunter and Maria moved on to the third stage, where they competed as individuals for immunity. They had to balance on a platform while holding onto to tiny handlebars. Maria was the first one out, leaving a showdown between Hunter and Charlie.

Shockingly, Hunter ended up stepping down from the platform due to pain. “I’m so proud of myself for beating Hunter, the top physical threat in the game,” Charlie said in a confessional after his win.

Who Went Home at Tribal Council in Episode 9?

Hunter was voted out at tribal council in episode 9, and Survivor fans everywhere are screaming with shock!

Let us set the chaotic scene for you: Q was frantic before tribal council, assuming he was going to be the next to go home. Kenzie brought up the idea of blindsiding Tiff to flush out her idol. However, others felt that it was the right time to try and vote out Hunter, whom they deemed as the biggest competitive threat. He eventually told the group that he planned to play his hidden immunity idol at tribal council. The contestants began to scramble around camp as they searched for a clear target.

At tribal council, Jeff passed around a bowl of popcorn to the players, which has never happened on the show before. It seems last week’s dramatic tribal council was still in the back of the longtime host’s mind, considering that he also brought a cushion for his seat to help him watch the drama unfold. Q and Tiff ended up getting into a heated argument at tribal council about throwing each other under the bus.

It was only a matter of time before tribal council erupted into a sea of whispers. Hunter tried to rally up enough votes to get Q out and decided not to play his idol. In the grand scheme of Survivor, there ended up being a tie with four votes for Hunter and four votes for Q. There was one rogue vote for Ben, indicating that one person on the tribe was very much out of the loop. The contestants then had to revote, but Hunter knew his fate was sealed in that moment. Going home with a hidden immunity idol in his pocket definitely stung, but that’s how it goes on Survivor!

“I was lulled into my own doom,” Hunter admitted in his goodbye message while holding the idol.

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