Kendra wilkinson hugh hefner

Kendra Wilkinson Takes
Baby Alijah to Meet
Her Ex, Hugh Hefner!


Kendra Wilkinson’s daughter, Alijah, is just a few months old and she’s already made her big debut at the Playboy mansion!

But before you get your head stuck in that gutter, allow us to inform you the 29-year-old is taking the infant to meet her ex-boyfriend and confidant Hugh Hefner in a clip for an upcoming episode of Kendra On Top — and not for any other reason!

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In the clip, the mother-of-2 explains that she’s still contemplating how to address her marriage to husband Hank Baskett after his alleged affair with transsexual Ava London. Since she’s facing such a major decision, she seeks the advice of the 88-year-old because, “If there’s anyone whose advice I’ll listen to, it’s Hef.”

“You’ve got a lot at stake here, from a distance, I think he was set up,” he tells the reality star.

After giving more thought to her situation, which she described to Hef as her “worst nightmare,” she begins to see the similarities between her own crumbling relationship and her parents’ failed marriage — and comes to the shocking conclusion that she needs to reach out to her estranged father!

To see what happens next, check out the clip below — and tune in to Kendra On Top on WeTV this Friday at 9 P.M.!

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