Teen mom adam lind pregnant baby 3

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam
Lind May Be Expecting
a Third Child — With a
Third Woman! (REPORT)

Facebook/Teen Mom 2

They say bad things happen in threes—but for Adam Lind, it’s all about taking the good with the bad.

The Teen Mom 2 star, who is currently behind bars (again), has been charged with driving under the influence three times. And now a new report claims he’s expecting his third child—with a third woman!

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As fans of the show know, Chelsea Houska and Adam called it quits shortly after Aubree, now 5, was born. He moved on quickly, and welcomed his second child—a girl named Paislee—with his now ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur September 2013.

And now there’s yet another woman who may be carrying Adam’s child!

“I heard that Adam might have gotten another chick pregnant. Her name is Wendy,” a source close to the troubled reality star said.

Another friend confirmed the story.

“Wendy is now claiming that she is pregnant with Adam’s kid,” the friend said. “And Wendy’s younger sister has been going around telling people that Wendy is carrying Adam’s child.”

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The friend admitted it’s possible that Adam’s newest partner is just looking for her fifteen minutes of fame—as their relationship isn’t exactly grounded in honesty.

“When Adam was trying to work things out with Taylor, he was hooking up with Wendy. He was also hooking up with like four to five other girls at one time. This was in June 2014,” the friend said.

“Adam and Wendy were never together. It was just a hookup.”

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Adding to the drama—it’s unclear whether or not the father-of-2 knows he potentially has a third kid on the way, because he’s still behind bars.

Regardless, Wendy isn’t the woman he’s going home to—as he’s already seeing a new woman named Brooke.

While pregnancy should be a reason to celebrate, the pal suspects his friend will be disappointed with the news.

“Adam wouldn’t be able to handle having a third kid,” the friend said. “He couldn’t make it work with Taylor or Chelsea — and Wendy was just a fling. So I don’t now why he would want to make it work with her. He doesn’t like Wendy at all.”