Scott disick kourtney kardashian break up

Kourtney Kadashian and
Scott Disick May or
May Not Have Broken Up


So, are they or aren’t they? That seems to be the question on the minds of everyone when it comes to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.

And as last night’s ‘Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons’ proved, no one — not even the two of them — is sure if they've broken up or not.

The oldest Kardashian vented to her sister Kim about the status of her relationship — and what him going to rehab following an overdose on pills means for their two young kids, Mason and Penelope.

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“I feel like he’s angry,” Kourtney said. “He’s like, ‘The biggest problem is me and you and we need to be civil for the kids.’ I’m like, ‘I can’t deal with you.’ And he’s like, ‘Fair enough. We need to figure out a plan how I can see them.’”

It was then that Mrs. Kanye West asked the question everyone wants to ask: “Wait, so you guys are broken up?”

scott disick partying

“I have no idea,” Kourtney confessed.

Eventually, she came to the conclusion that it made sense to talk about their relationship “once he’s in a better place.”

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And while he was reluctant to enter treatment — and even complained about the price of rehab — he understood it was something he could no longer avoid, as one bender of partying even resulted in him being hospitalized.

“Now is the time,” he finally admitted.

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