Janice dickinson big brother seizure

‘Celebrity Big
Brother’ Faced With
Backlash After Airing
Footage of Janice
Dickinson Having a

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Celebrity Big Brother, a reality show in the UK, has come under fire after making the decision to air footage of Janice Dickinson having a seizure.

The 60-year-old began convulsing after she was stung by a bee — and the cameras kept rolling as the whole medical emergency played out.

Janice Dickinson

(Photo Credit: Channel 5)

Since then, Channel 5 — the network that airs Celebrity Big Brother — has received backlash from fans who believe the scene never should’ve made it past the cutting room floor.

Viewers took to social media to express their disappointment in CBB for showing Janice’s seizure (also known as a “fit” across the pond).

Do you think they made the right call?