Anna cardwell bribed honey boo boo mama june

REPORT: Mama June
Bribed Anna to Move
Home For Ratings


After Mark McDaniel — her mother’s boyfriend — molested her as a child, Anna Cardwell was able to escape the madness of Mama June’s home and live a normal, inconspicuous childhood with her grandmother Sandra Hale.

That is until TLC came knocking… At which point Mama June bribed her daughter to move home — because she thought her daughter’s life would make for “good TV.”

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“June bribed Anna with money to move in with the family,” a source says. “She offered her $500 a month because she believed Anna’s unmarried teenage pregnancy would create good story lines.”

Before the cameras moved in, Anna and her mother weren’t close, as June had previously accused her of lying about the molestation.

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“I didn’t have much of a relationship with my mom,” Anna told In Touch Weekly. “I saw her every now and then, and she would act like nothing happened. One day we were like, ‘Let’s just drop it and get our relationship back on track.’”

Too bad June’s intentions were selfishly motivated by fame.

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