Michael Jackson's
Neverland Ranch is on
the Market For $100

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How would Michael Jackson feel about this?

It was reported on Friday his infamous Neverland Ranch is up for sale, and the listing price is $100 million!

The 2,700-acre abode boasts a home theater, train station, and two lakes, and now goes by the name of Sycamore Valley Ranch. The amusement park and zoo have been removed from the property, says The Wall Street Journal, but there is still a llama on site.

Michael, who passed away on June 25, 2009, purchased the home in 1987 for $19.5 million.

We are sure his daughter Paris, 17, will be devastated, as it was revealed in February she used the spot for “peaceful reflection” after her suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson (Photo Credit: Splash)

“More than anyone else, losing Neverland hurts Paris the most without a doubt,” a source told The National Enquirer at the time.

“She reflects on how Michael would talk to her about not losing her innocence as a child, to not let people — even family — take advantage of her, and to always look after her brothers.”

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