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Matt damon wife luciana
Demi moore comeback

On Today’s ‘Gossip Table’: Demi Moore Is Planning a Comeback!

According to an insider, Demi Moore is not going to let ex-husband Ashton Kutcher’s engagement and a baby get in the way of her career! “Demi’s...
Khloe kardashian rob kardashian

"My Brother's Not Nearly Black Enough For Me!": Khloé Kardashian Jokes About Incest, Proves She and Rob Have the Most Bizarre Relationship Ever!

Last night, Khloé Kardasahian filled in for Chelsea Handler and hosted Chelsea Lately—but that doesn’t mean the night was without its fair share of...
Katy perry birthday

See Katy Perry Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before – As She Goes Undercover (Five Times!) to Promote Her Upcoming Single “Birthday”

With her big blue eyes and unmistakable figure, it’s hard to imagine Katy Perry ever going unnoticed—that is, of course, unless she’s disguised way...
Lena dunham short shorts

Definitive Proof You Hate Hannah Horvath’s Style – Not Lena Dunham’s! 6 Pics That Prove She’s Way More Fashionable Than Her ‘Girls’ Counterpart

In the pilot episode of Girls, Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, tells her parents they need to support her ambitions as a writer because...
Paul walker girlfriend

"I Walk the Streets of One": Paul Walker’s 23-Year-Old Girlfriend Shares Heartbreaking Facebook Post As Her Father Reveals She’s in Grief Counseling

Losing a loved one is never easy, and for Paul Walker’s longtime girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell, life has been incredibly hard since she said...
Sasha farber dancing with the stars

Sasha Farber’s Dancing With the Stars Blog: Who Was the Life of the Party During Party Anthem Week?!

For the 18th season of Dancing With the Stars, professional dancer and troupe member Sasha Farber will be sharing his thoughts on the evening’s...
Kris bruce jenner anniversary

Despite Separation, Kris Jenner Shares Her Love For Her Estranged Husband Bruce Jenner on Their Anniversary

It’s been 23 years—to the day—since Kris and Bruce Jenner tied the knot. And nothing, not even a separation, could stop the 58-year-old momager...

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