Liz marks texting and driving

Seeing Her Daughter
Write, “I Don’t Have
Any Friends” on
Facebook Broke This
Mom’s Heart — And
Motivated Her to Make
a Difference


Before the car accident, Liz Marks was a “normal” teenager.

“The things I did in high school with my friends were go to the high school games and everything,” she says. “Everybody could go to a party, go bowling. I was a good student. I was a role model. I was, like, a popular girl in high school, so I used to model.“

Before the car accident, her mom Betty’s main concern was “the typical teenage thing” — drugs, alcohol, the crowd her daughter socialized with and the like. She wasn’t worried about her daughter’s cell phone — and, when it came to driving, Liz wasn’t either.

“I ignored these warnings about texting while driving because everyone else was doing it. So I thought it was OK,” Liz explains. “I thought I was invincible.”

Of course, she was wrong.

Liz Marks

Liz got into a horrible accident after checking her phone while driving — and as a result, she’s blind in one eye, she cannot smell, and her hearing is diminished because she broke a bone in her eardrum. She can no longer cry properly because her tear ducts are damaged and she can no longer fall asleep naturally.

But the hardest part was the isolation, as her friends went off to college — leaving Liz, who is unable to go to school or drive, alone.

“My friends were there for me at first, but after a while, they weren’t,” she says. While her mom adds it’s been difficult to watch, telling viewers, “I looked up on her Facebook page and she said on there, ‘Can anybody please hang out with me today? I don’t have any friends.’”

So now they are sharing her story — so people learn from her mistake and don’t experience the physical and emotional hardship the young woman is forced to live with after making the decision to text and drive.

“If you get a text, don’t look at it,” she pleas. “It’s not worth it.”

Listen to her emotional story in their own words:

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