Kendra wilkinson hank baskett

Kendra Wilkinson
Forgives Hank Baskett
After Cheating With
Transgender Model

After a very public cheating scandal, Kendra Wilkinson has decided to give husband, Hank Baskett another chance. The couple did a joint interview with Us Weekly and opened up about their plan to piece their marriage back together.

"All I can say is I believe Hank. I love Hank. And he’s proven to me that he’s worth forgiving and fighting for,” the former Playboy model said. "It’s going to take a lifetime to trust him again."

“I will spend my life trying to get Kendra to trust me again," Hank said in response.

Kendra describes her husband as "gullible" and "naive," and says Hank was in the "wrong place at the wrong time" when he allegedly had an affair with a transgender model while she was pregnant.

For now, the couple is working hard at making their relationship work. They share two kids together, Hank IV, 4, and Alijah, 6 months, and are making their family a priority.

“Our relationship is still day-to-day. I’m still working on regaining Kendra’s trust,” Hank said.

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