Old people sex cruises stds

Old People Are Having
So Much Sex on Cruises
Ships, They Have to Be
Told to Bring
Protection — Because
STDs Are on the Rise


Consider this our holiday present for you — we promise it’ll make your Christmas dinner even more awkward: Thanks to medical advancements such as Viagra, old people are having so much sex that they have to be warned to bring protection on cruise ships because STDs are on the rise for senior citizens.

Because many people 65+ weren’t educated about safe sex the same way today’s youths are, the UK’s Department of Health issued a fact sheet for “senior sailors” that warned, “Remember alcohol can lower your inhibitions, potentially putting you at risk of sexually transmitted infections. If there is a chance you might have casual sex, be prepared: take in-date, good quality condoms with you.”

Cruise Ship Sex

While these couples look particularly enlightened about sexual health for seniors, these images are stock images. (Courtesy of Getty).

But cringe-inducing facts aside, senior sexual health is no joke. ‘The New York Times’ reports condoms are used in only 6-percent of sexual encounters among those 61 and older because pregnancy is no longer a threat and that generation is less educated about diseases.

And our old people are suffering because of it. As ‘The Times’ reports, “Between 2007 and 2011, chlamydia infections among Americans 65 and over increased by 31-percent and syphilis by 52-percent.”

Basically, if you love your widowed grandparent, do what’s right: Buy them condoms this holiday season.

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