Rihanna concert video

Why Rihanna Attacked a
Fan With Her
Microphone at Concert


You’re allowed to love Rihanna… but you better not get too close.

While performing a concert in Birmingham, England on her most recent tour stop, the singer hopped off the stage to walk past the crowd during her hit “We Found Love” when one fan got a little too touchy.

The concertgoer grabbed Rihanna’s arm as she strolled past the crowd, but when the fan wouldn’t let go, Ri reacted by hitting her fan in the face with her microphone.

Once the star got rid of her grabby fan, she continued to walk back to the stage as if the incident never happened.

While we can’t say we blame the chart topper— who recently surpassed Justin Bieber as the artist with the most viewed videos on YouTube— for defending herself, we can’t help but wonder if that mic left a bruise. Ouch…

Check out the video of the incident below: