#We #Love #This: Watch
Jonah Hill and Jimmy
Fallon Talk In
Hashtags in #Hashtag2
on 'The Tonight Show'

#This #is #amazing!

Remember way back when Jimmy Fallon was still hosting Late Night, and he and Justin Timberlake created a hilarious video in which they only spoke in hashtags?

Well, Jimmy’s at again—this time with Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill!

Heeerrre’s Jimmy: Five Best Moments Of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Debut!

And we never thought we’d say this—but it may be even better than the original!

This video has everything—hilarious puns (#LivinLaVidaMocha, anyone?), references to Friends, a Snoop Dogg sing-along and a very impressive special surprise guest!

Check it out for yourself:

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