Vanessa carlton

Vanessa Carlton
Cancels Tour Dates;
Reveals Heartbreaking
News of Her Ectopic

Getty Images

Fans may have been disappointed when Vanessa Carlton cancelled the first few dates of her upcoming tour, which was set to kick off in Vancouver on Nov. 7; but the 33-year-old songstress took to Facebook to explain why the concerts were cancelled—and revealed heartbreaking news.

On Oct. 15, Vanessa learned that she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy (more specifically, the embryo was in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus), which was putting her life at risk.

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In the note on Facebook, she wrote that she had decided on Methotrexate—a mild chemotherapy—with hopes of saving her fallopian tube; however, the effort was unsuccessful, and after 11 days, her fallopian tube began to rupture and she experienced internal bleeding. Ultimately, she had to have her entire right fallopian tube removed.

“Unfortunately, today, a week to the day from my emergency surgery, I started getting intense nerve pain in one of my incisions,” she wrote. “I was all set to fly to Vancouver on Wednesday, but, alas, I am not ready yet. So, sadly, I will need to cancel the first four dates of my November tour.”

Despite this tragedy, Vanessa was able to maintain a generally positive disposition; not only did she warn other girls (saying that it’s possible the scar tissue from the appendectomy she got as a child affected the pregnancy), but also by making light of her hospital trip.

“It is also very important to note that this is the second time I ended up in the ER without underwear!” She added that her fiancé flew all night to be by her side during this entire ordeal.

Our thoughts are with Vanessa, as we hope she has a speedy recovery and makes it through this difficult time.