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Won’t Be Any
Resolution For Tori
Spelling and Dean
McDermott on ‘True
Tori’, Executive
Producer Says


When it comes to their new reality series, True Tori, Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott promised not to hold anything back—not his battle with alcoholism or the fallout following his extramarital affair.

And so far, they haven’t. Earlier this week, it was revealed the mom-of-4 had spent several days in the hospital, and some reports suggested she even brought the crew for the duration of her stay.

But as production begins to wrap up, some may be asking how the show will tie up loose ends and present a happy ending for the couple. According to True Tori’s Executive Producer Robert “Bobby” Sizemore, it won’t.

Tori Spelling

“I don’t think there will be a resolution to the story,” he exclusively tells In Touch. “I don’t know where they will go from here. This will be our last weekend shooting.”

Sizemore says the troubled couple have been “great to work with” and would be open to continuing their story, if their schedule allowed it.

“Maybe it will get picked up for another round of episodes, but she has to start work on her other series next week,” he explains to the mag.

“Both Tori and Dean have been great to work with. They have treated my crew like family.”

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While Sizemore suggests there’s no anticipated conclusion to the series, insiders have hinted at a natural transition into the next phase for Tori—as the 40-year-old prepares to begin treatment for reliance on a powerful cocktail of prescription drugs to help her cope with migraines brought on by stress and her marital woes.

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“She’s physically weak and hasn’t been eating. She’ll be going to rehab for depression and for all the medication she’s been taking,” a close friend reveals to In Touch.

“She knows she needs help.”

For more on Tori’s plans for rehab, pick up the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, on newsstands now.