Taylor swift conor kennedy

Taylor Swift Sparks
Kennedy Family Feud


Taylor Swift is falling hard for Conor Kennedy — but his famous family isn’t all in favor!

“There has been a lot of talk in the Kennedy family about Taylor, and people are not happy,” a source close to the political dynasty tells In Touch, explaining that the pop star — who has admitted to being obsessed with the Kennedys in the past — is causing a rift between supporters like Conor’s grandmother, Ethel, who thinks Taylor is perfect for Conor, and a small group of family members who feel that Taylor has “manipulated her way into the Kennedys.”

For his part, 18-year-old Conor seems smitten over Taylor and that’s what worries relatives who fear Conor is especially vulnerable after the suicide of his mother, Mary, in May. “It should be a time for the family to get together and heal,” the source says.

Snipes another Kennedy insider: “They feel that if he falls for her, she may break his heart.”