Katy perry birthday

See Katy Perry Like
You’ve Never Seen Her
Before – As She Goes
Undercover (Five
Times!) to Promote Her
Upcoming Single


With her big blue eyes and unmistakable figure, it’s hard to imagine Katy Perry ever going unnoticed—that is, of course, unless she’s disguised way beyond recognition.

To promote her upcoming music video and single, “Birthday,” the singer underwent a complete transformation to become six of “the worst birthday party entertainers” with help from prosthetics, makeup, costumes and some very creative acting skills from the brunette bombshell!

First, she introduced Goldie, an aging go-go dancer and Yosef Shulem, a Jewish MC.



Next, she unveiled Kriss, an unmotivated clown, Ace, a glitter-fied animal trainer and—finally—Princess Mandee, a Twitter-obsessed royal who is unlike any fairy-tale character we have ever seen!




The video is less than two minutes long, but we’re seriously impressed by the dedication put in to create this! Plus, if this is only the teaser, we can only imagine what to except from the video….

“Birthday” drops April 24—check out the full teaser below!