Ray J: Bobby is


Ray J denies that his song “Boyfriend” (“sample lyrics: “Is that your wife? / well, I’m her boyfriend”) is about his relationship with Bobby Brown’s ex-wife Whitney Houston — sort of! “I don’t ever attach a name to a song, but it’s good that people can listen to a song and create a story about it, because it could be about that situation,” the All I Feel singer, 27, tells In Touch. “I don’t want anybody to think I’m taking any shots at Bobby personally and spilling out my relationship or my sex life with Whitney — I would never do nothing like that.” For his part, Bobby writes in his upcoming memoir that 44-year-old Whitney’s relationship with “little guy” Ray J “doesn’t bother me — the only concern I had was how our daughter Bobbi Kristina felt about the age difference.” Responds Ray J, “I think what Bobby’s saying in his book is just ridiculous. He should really go back in and pray and figure out what he should do on the positive tip. I don’t kiss and tell, I don’t exploit other people’s business and I don’t think it’s cool that Bobby’s doing that!” Plus, Ray J says, “We’re the same height, Bobby, come on!”

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