Dmz woz robbery

Rapper DMX Meets Apple
Founder Steve Wozniak
In an Airport;
Hilarity Ensues


Talk about acting a fool up in here!

TMZ caught a precious moment between Apple founder Steve Wozniak and rapper DMX… and it’s almost too good to be true!

The two hopped off the same plane at LAX (sorry—we had to), and a cameraman asked the two men if they knew each other. It’s sage to say hilarity ensued.

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“That’s my man right here,” the rapper exclaimed as the two exchanged an awkward handshake (which was eventually followed by a painfully awkward fist bump).

The cameraman asked Woz if he’s ever thought about a music career—but his buddy DMX is quick to answer for him.

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“No, but we did plan a robbery on the plane,” he said.

“I’m with you,” Woz said before correcting himself; “I’m behind you.”