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She’s a Poet — And You
Didn’t Even Know It!:
Pamela Anderson Joins
These 4 Surprising
Celebrity Poets — Get
the Meaning Behind
Their Words

Actress. Sex symbol. Advocate… Poet?

In the wake of her recent divorce announcement, Pamela Anderson took to Facebook to share her feelings with her fans—by posting an original poem!

The words, which read like a stream-of-conscious, candidly addresses her feelings on her soon-to-be-ex-husband Rick Salomon:

“I Wanted Off This Earth” — Pamela Anderson Reveals She Was Gang Raped and Molested as a Child

“I love being in love-- but expectations, make it impossible to be happy- or satisfied… I’ve tried… so hard…”

You did try, Pam. You did. Remarrying the same man you had once married, and then annulled, shows true dedication.

As it turns out, Pam isn’t the only Hollywood star known to express his/her feelings with poetry! Check out four more celebrity poets—and see what their words really mean!

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