New Clinton Sparks and Macklemore Song Explores 'Gold Rush' Girl Culture

The song "Gold Rush" explores the culture of "gold rush girls," who do anything they can to hang out with rich and famous men.

The song "Gold Rush" explores the culture of "gold rush girls," who do anything they can to hang out with rich and famous men.

Courtesy Clinton Sparks

American DJ Clinton Sparks, 33, has recently collaborated with fellow artist Macklemore, 30, to record the new single called "Gold Rush." Seeking out Macklemore on twitter, Sparks felt that he would be a great fit for his song. He explains it was as easy as reaching out through the Twitter world, “I wrote ‘somebody in Seattle get me in touch with Macklemore’ and then he personally responded to me 10 minutes later saying ‘Hey Homie DM me’”. Macklemore initially liked his idea, and was on board from the beginning. As Sparks has previously teamed up with other famous artists such as Lady Gaga (producing the song "Bloody Mary") Akon, and Pitbull, he has a lot of experience and a huge track record to show himself by.

Exploring the culture of the "Gold rush girl," this new song identifies the girls who chase after the rich and famous, all for their glamour, money, and fame. The lyrics make it clear that these gold rush girls only have one thing on their mind, “You want this money (Yeah) come take it from me (Yeah).” Referring to these girls as a “breed,” Sparks explains it’s not an insult on these girls, just a reality of what they do. “It’s really based off of she just knows the right people, she just makes friends with the right people, and she’s always trying to hang out with ball players, or the rappers, or the actors.”

While many girls look down upon these gold rush girls, Sparks claims they aren’t "pimping themselves out," they are just having fun and enjoying the glamour and the perks of the wealthy lifestyle. He has their back and thinks they shouldn’t let the jealous girls get to them, "Just cause they weren’t cool enough to make that happen, don’t let them hate on you." He refers to this goldrush culture as an art, "It’s like that community of those girls that kind of just hang out with wealthy dudes, and they just get all the perks of those wealthy dudes, and it’s like that’s an art in itself to be able to put yourself."

While "Gold Rush" is just one song on Sparks' new album "Disco Ball and Chain," he explains how the album as a whole is "a reflection of who I am and who I’ve always been… the bridge between the BET and the MTV world." Through his album he attempts to collide the two worlds, expressing to people how he views the world and how it makes sense to him. As he explained growing up he was "too white for my black friends and too black for the white kids," so this album is his way of showing everyone what he is all about.

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